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Firefox2 image-blocking routine. I invoked it but can't turn it off.

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OH Smeg

I was one of those 8 million who downloaded and installed Firefox 3 on the Day.

Granted I only downloaded it 3 times once for the Windows Platform, once for the Linux Platform and once for the Mac as I though while I'm here What the **** OK so I didn't really need the Mac version right away but the next day some person wanted it so I had it available immediately.

The other 8 computers that it is currently being tested on seem to be working perfectly while the main one which I made the mistake of adding another DVD Burner to and upping the RAM to 2 GIG from 1 GIG is now a pitiful mess that is insisting it that has now suddenly acquired more hardware while retaining the drivers for all the existing hardware.

I really am beginning to actively hate windows and everything connected with it.

Col ]:)