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Okay, I understand what you are saying, the Rom Chip in the Drives determines the Burn Speed, that combined with the DVDR Disks which are pre-set for a certain Speed.

Okay I got this part of it.
What I don't understand is Why the Manufacturer's are Promoting these Drives to operate at 20X when My software is only detecting them to Burn at 2x. My Disks are 16X Disks, so they should at least Detect 16X Burn Speed. But they are not even CLOSE!

MY Point is Why are these DVD Burners not Operating according to what is on the outside of the BOX?!
That in my point of View Constitutes Fraud.
Either you make the Product Function the way it is Suppose to, the way the Company SAYS it is suppose to, Or you are Guilty of Fraud.

I feel it is a Violation of Consumer Protection Laws for these Hardware Companies to put out DVD Burners that do not Function they way they Say they do.

My DVD Burners are Suppose to Function at 16x and 20X, I can't get any of my Programs to Detect any higher than 10x Burn Speeds.
WHY IS THAT? And What can I do to Fix it?
You say Flash the Roms in the Drives, I say Why should I have to Flash the Roms in the Drives I just Bought the 20X DVD Burner Last Week! It's Brand NEW! So why should I have to Flash the Rom in the Drive just to get it to Function Properly?

And Why to different Software Program Detect Different Burn Speeds? If everything is Determined by the Rom in the Drives (and not by the Software), then every Software Program should Detect the Burn Speeds Exacty the Same. But they're NOT! WHY IS THIS?

If anyone can give me some Solutions Please let me know.