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FIRMWARE Problems and Issues

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Personally I would like to buy motor Lubricant that costs $15.00 a 5 litre bottle and not the $65.00 per litre but as they say you get what you pay for.

When it comes to software it is optimised for certain hardware and works well with that and not with other unsupported hardware.

When a hardware makers states that the unit can burn at such & such a speed there is a caveat on that providing that you use the recommend software that they recommend and have hardware suitable for the job that are above a certain level. In other words it's all in the fine print and is at least listed somewhere within the documentation that comes in the box how to use that product to best advantage. If you chose to ignore the recommendations then it's your problem not the makers and that is how any Court would see it as well as the Consumer Protection Agencies.

Personally I used to burn CD R on a 200 MMX Pentium with out a problem though at the time the Drives where all SCSI and cost over $1,200.00 AU a piece and the media was costing around $25.00 AU a piece but I could burn at 2 X without a problem.

But with modern Media I find that the better more costly media burns faster than the no name unbranded media that is brought for a few cents where as the same thing that costs several $'s burns faster but at over 3 to 6 times the cost is it worth the time saved?