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Free Wireless internet connecting problems - occassionaly

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DHCP works roughly like this:

Discovery - the client broadcasts a message on the local network segment its connected to, to discover available DHCP servers.

Offer - a suitably configured DHCP server receives a request from a client, and offers it an address from its pool of available addresses.

Request - The client replies to the offer, requesting the address received in the Offer.

Acknowledgement - The server acknowledges the request, marking the address as used in its pool of addresses, and informs the client of how long the address lease is valid for, and any other information needed.

My guess is that the "offer" is, maybe as the other poster stated - busy, or it is just answering incorrectly. I would stick with my first answer, but you may want to use or higher. If it allows that number to be used, it might be outside of the DHCP pool and less likely to get an IP conflict with others.

They most likely have a long lease time for IP's. They get used up and are slow to release for new users.