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Free Wireless internet connecting problems - occassionaly

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I go to a pizza joint and noticed a similar issue with their open wifi. I noticed that everytime the attendant was on the phone, no internet. Good ole 2.4.

I understand based on your pictures that sometimes your system is not getting an IP address from the DHCP server (the router more than likely) which will most deffinately cause windows to show no internet. Interference can possibly cause this issue. Or the issue is potentially the router itself (or whatever the DHCP server is).

Do you have a mobile device with wifi (or another laptop, friends etc..) to see if it is your laptop that is the issue? Does a reboot of the machine make any difference? My MacbookPro (running windows7 all times) will sometimes do the same thing, if left on for days at a time. A reboot resolves it.