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Freezing Problem! can anyone help?

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You tube needs three things to work properly:

a) a happy browser
b) a happy Java install
c) a happy Flash Install

The most likely issue is your java install is hosed. Goto and click on 'do I have Java?'.. Sometimes you first need to totally uninstall Java and Flash to get it all sorted out.

With respect to full-screen in general, this takes a LOT of processing power and a LOT of video processing power. If the problem is not there first thing in the morning, but occurs after the PC has been on awhile, then most likely the PC video card is overheating. Check your fans and check the internals for dust.

Of course a good old nasty virus will also eat up clock cycles so that full screen video will not work. If this all stopped working after a certain data, use Windows system restore to return the system to the date when all was well.