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Gaming performance drastically lowered after install of Win7?

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The system you describe above will never run either Windows 7 or WOW "perfectly". Not sure where you did your research, but it amuses me a great deal that WOW will run at all with any AGP card. Most games these days will not.

The differences between the AGP and PCI-E bus are landmark leaps in technology where the video gaming experience is concerned. This says nothing of the poor performance of the Intel P4 chip in this arena. Case in point; AMDs rise to the top of performance-minded consumers for the short while that Intels' P4 was their best and the astronomical decline of AMD since the advent of the multi-core Intel processors. A decline so profound that AMD has even announced their intention to no longer aspire to be competitive in that market.

Your client needs to weigh their pleasure in playing that game against their pain of lightening their pocketbook. Honestly, I believe one would likely enjoy a more satisfactory experience with a low-end $300.00 tower from just about any major manufacturer coupled with a low-end PCI-E Graphics card than that which one would get from the system in this post.

Make no mistake about it, Windows 7 is an exponentially better choice of OS for gaming than XP. It does however require technology that is newer than 8 or 9 years old.

"The user of the computer told me that it's performance seemed to have lowered since the crash." <----- I would point out the "seemed to have" qualifier in this statement and submit to you that this users experience is measured in terms of least painful rather than most pleasurable. Further, until someone relates the hard facts to him regarding the money necessary for an "adequately pain free" gaming experience with this particular game that his will always be one measured in least misery.

In my minds eye of what I desire to deliver to my clients in value, were this machine brought into my shop with this clients expectations, he would have been instructed to begin in purchasing another machine as opposed to me wasting his money in trying to meet those desires with his present technology.