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Gaming performance drastically lowered after install of Win7?

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Bo Tym

just bumping the gfx settings down? Perhaps this was done before, but since the OS reload reset the games gfx settings, you could try retuning them to find a happy medium between performance and quality. I've seen WOW run on "less" machine then the one described by Wompai.

"Make no mistake about it, Windows 7 is an exponentially better choice of OS for gaming than XP."

This statement indicates that it should run better now than it did before, which doesn't seem to be the case.

It does not surprise me that you had trouble finding agp drivers for that OS/gfx card combo. Maybe the solution would be to just revert back to XP so that compatible drivers no longer becomes an issue?

Edit: Also check the audio settings, I've had some games default to software emulation. Perhaps forcing the hardware to do the work would take load off the cpu. Some HD audio settings can really cripple the performance as well.