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Gaming performance drastically lowered after install of Win7?

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OH Smeg

If you have high end Video Cards. Of course if you have a Crappy low End PCI E and are comparing that to a really high end great AGP Card the AGP will appear faster and better which it is but that's not really a fair comparison.

Also no matter what anyone says 7 requires more hardware to do the same job as XP did so I would expect the system to be slower running 7 than it was when it had XP loaded. While 7 may run on it that doesn't mean that it will run great just that it will run. The same as was described when XP was released it was much slower on the same hardware when compared to 98SE. Just the same as Vista was slower than XP on the same hardware.

However saying that what version of 7 is involved here the 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

Also how is the 3 GIG of RAM Configured? 2 X 1 GIG Modules and 2 X 512 MEG Modules or 3 X 1 GIG Modules or some other combination?

If you have Matched pairs of RAM or at the very least the same RAM in Pairs you'll be running in Dual Chanel Mode which is faster than Single Chanel Mode so here it may pay to remove the third Module and see if it's faster with 2 GIG of System RAM.

Also you have 4 GIG installed here when you include Video RAM which should be included when you are addressing the 3.25 GIG or thereabouts System Limitation of 32 Bit Systems. It depends on things like the Chip Set of the M'Board and BIOS Versions as well but generally speaking if you have more than somewhere around the 3.25 GIG of Total System RAM you are not using it all.

So it may very well pay here to remove the third GIG and see if that improves performance including Video Performance.

Of course if you have a 64 Bit Version of 7 it doesn't matter but you may still get better performance with a Pair of RAM as the M'Board supports Dual Chanel Mode.

It's not enough to look at what is possible/required but what works fastest for the hardware that you are using.