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Gaming performance drastically lowered after install of Win7?

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...what your saying and I agree that AGP can not be as fast as PCI-e, but go check out the specs of the Radeon HD 4650. You will see that it's actually a pretty nice GPU and it's fit for gaming. Not very demanding games but it should and it had run WoW!

On the RAM thing: I've always had issues with how to place RAM. And since all the RAM in this thing is second hand stuff, I had to use whatever I had to get the highest performance even if the brands aren't the same. Now, it's configured as 2x1 GB modules of two differend brands and 2x512 MB modules of the same brand.

Also, the Dual Channel Mode can be turned on, but it turns on when you have Multithreading on, right? Or am I completely wrong? Just tell me if I am... But I've tried turning Multithreading on, but I turned it off again, because I read in some articles that it could cause problems with certain Dell motherboards. I have a compaq motherboard installed, so I thought it would be ok.

The two 1GB modules are on the first channel and the two 512MB modules on the second. If you have tips on how to place them better please let me know.