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Gaming performance drastically lowered after install of Win7?

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OH Smeg

You have the RAM installed Correctly. Though as you say it's all Second Hand and not Matched so the Speed will default to the Slowest RAM Module you have installed. I would assume that is one of the 512 MEG Modules but I could be massively wrong there.

If you can turn on the Dual Chanel I would but it should be on by Default if you have the same sized RAM in pairs and with 7 it will improve speed some.

I would however still try removing the 1 GIG of RAM 2 X 512 MEG and see if its faster you may very well find that XP made better use of the Video RAM and that 7 isn't using anywhere near as much of it as XP was which could be a factor here. It's to do with the way that the Software makes use of the Hardware and here 7 is a Multi Processor OS much more than XP could ever hope to be.

While XP worked with 4 CPU's it's wasn't great and I did run it quite often on several Dual Xeon M'Boards with 2 X Dual Core with HTT which made the OS think that there where 8 CPU's but it wasn't much faster in that configuration.

7 on the other hand is a True Multiprocessor OS which uses all of the CPU's available equally. It also addresses the M'Board differently to XP and hence the available RAM and this may drastically vary depending on the Chip Set of the M'Board involved.

Also Multi Threading may only work with Dual Chanel Mode but again this all depends on the M'Boards Chip Set.

I'd opt for Video Drivers not making the best use of the OS here as well but it also depends on which P4 you have installed here. Some supported HTT and some didn't and the same applies to the M'Boards Chip Sets as well you need to remember that the P4's where around for a long time and went through many changes. You can even get a Socket 775 P4 and while most are the older version Socket 479 the Socket 775 CPU's are much faster than the older versions.

Also if your M'Board has a Intel Chip Set it's going to perform better than one with a SIS Chip Set which where very common and considerably cheaper.