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Gaming performance drastically lowered after install of Win7?

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the commonplace tendency of IT personnel in discussing the subject in a condescending manner, here I catch myself doing just that. For that I apologize. I continue to be a work in progress. I catch myself trying to make all of the rhetorical excuses regarding this manner of communication even now. I have been doing this for many years and if anyone should know better, I would think it would be myself.

Forgive my assumptions, which were after all my reason for the flavor of that post. Alas, even that gives me pause.

That said, isn't it a wonderful thing to have at our fingertips the vast universe of knowledge of the few regular contributors on this forum that we do? It is not just their technical knowledge and skills I aspire to but their consideration and generosity in sharing it. Thank you all -and you all know who you are. Please do accept my apology wompai. It is genuine. While I sincerely hope this will be my last plea for it, chances are that it will not. However, rest assured that when the need arises I will not fail to own the reason and request it once again.