Gateway M275 Tablet PC, need help

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Gateway M275 Tablet PC, need help

Hi all, I have a Gateway M275 Tablet PC.

Recently, I nuked my computer using geek squad's MRI to clean up everything for a fresh start. The computer was working fine, I just wanted to reinstall my OS to tablet PC.

I torrented a tablet PC and burned it as a bootable CD from Nero.

The problem I encountered was once the CD was in, I set bios to load the CD as first priority. It loads, then Caldera Dos 1976 pops up. After the load, it remains in dos mode waiting for a command with the blinking whitebox. It looks like this [DR-DOS] A:\>.

I do not know what to do. I want to install tablet PC edition onto my laptop. I have the license sticker.

Thanks in advance.

Any answers are appreciated.