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Get Parental Control off my PC

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not so much cricket, more b***s to Microsoft!

Considering another browser; aslo cosnidering trying OpenOffice rather than MS Office .

90% of my PC time is spent in writing, and in MS I can add my own toolbar and menus and have stacks of keyboard shortcuts - not sure if I could do that in OO

And is also reason why I'm still on Office 2003 - tried Office 2007 for about two days, most of which was spent trying to customise the display, which I can do in Control Panel with XP

And that damn "ribbon" in Word! took up third of my screen, glaring colour did my eyes in, and I still couldnt' find ANY of the options I most use.

shee, are people getting so stupid that they can't click on "view toolbar" and pick the one they want??

Might go the whole hog and give up Windows as well! but not sure how my visually-impaired software would operate with Linux.

Damn Microsoft - take your money then spit in your face