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Get Parental Control off my PC

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It's a home PC and I'm the only one using it.

I had to get XP reinstalled a little while ago: also had to reset IE, which is when I presume Nanny crept in.

I've signed up for the DNS and it let me into Fetlife, but maybe only because I set it as "never block". but it blocked me going to a tattoo design site because of "sexuality"!!!

I emailed DNS and they said i hadn't registered a domain. I had, but I hadn't isntalled the software that was on teh same page - didn't ant MORE Nanny! did it today, registered a doman "GetNannyOffMyPC" and set controls to "none". didn't add anything to "never block" becuase the settings shouldn't need htat.

Still can't get into Fetlife. I don't want to "never block" because I'd have to give every website that I want to visit, and I deeplly resent having to ask Nanny for permission to have a life.

I'm not using anytihng officially called "Nanny" - but DMS is acting like a Nanny, and a really uptight one!