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Get Parental Control off my PC

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I have a separeate "favourties" folder on an external drive, and I copy and paste all the links from the C drive "favorites" to it - I;d be swamped else, with a couple of zillion items. I can put them on a USB and load them to my Admin account.

And I don't use "My Documents" on C except as a temporary storage space for pictures - I don't trust the C drive, it's dropped files before, so now everything is on external hard drives apart from Program Files.

And I don't use a password to get on to the PC - there's only me using it, so no point. As it's a desktop, and not a new one at that, shouldn't think any burglar would look twice at it!

I'll copy and paste your advice into a Wprd document, then I'll be able to enlarge the text, make it easir to read (if not to immediately understnad for an idiot!) Thanks