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get server to work through cable modem?

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if what you're trying to do is simply access the server, go to and sign up for their free remote software. you'll have to download the client on the server. from that point, you can go to any web browser anywhere in the world and go to and use the sign-on credentials you first entered when downloading the client to access the server.

i think that's the easiest way. when you sign up, you'll actually be starting a 30-day trial of logmein pro, which you'll have to pay for after 30 days. but after the 30 days, you can still use logmein free. for all intents and purposes, it's probably good enough for what you need.

we have 100 users on my network. i set each one of their computers up with logmein free, signing up a different uesr for separate computers (one pc per logmein free account)and saved tens of thousands on remote software like gotoassist.

otherwise, you can use vpning, but the logmein's easier to use if you're a novice.