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get server to work through cable modem?

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The public IP address assigned by your cable modem ISP is dynamic and may change as your ISP sees fit - (unless you requested a static IP which is more expensive - I'm assuming you didn't do that). So the problem from a DNS point of view is that there's no stable IP address to assiciate with your domain name/server. DNS2GO solves that by providing a hosting your domain name and pointing the DNS record to the latest IP address your ISP may have assigned. That way one someone goes to "" it always points to your server. A couple pitfalls: - If you are using it for email be aware that in this age of spam the dynamic IP might cause email sent from your own server to be rejected by some spam filtering systems. Also - Don't know about your cable modem service, but my outgoing speed is about 1/10 that of my incoming. So for serving web pages you'd be better off on a low-cost hosting service. But I agree with the other poster about it's a good service that runs like Windows Terminal Services. Best of Luck..