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Get the Win 7 product key from the OS.

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an OEM VLK retrieved will be useless for reinstall
the only way a VLK works is by using the OEM recovery media and you won't be prompted to enter the key from the COA

only the following will be valid retrievals
OEM System Builder key
Retail FPP Key
Retail Upgrade Key (in this case you'll need a previous version also)

if your system came preinstalled then you have a VLK or an OEM System Builder Key
if you have a laptop you will only have a VLK
if you have a desktop from a major Mfg. Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, etc. you will have a VLK

if you have a whitebox / custom build desktop from a local shop you will have an OEM System Builder Key or a Retail FPP but most likely an OEM System Builder Key

the only reason a laptop or a major mfg. PC unit would have anything other than a VLK
is either because the OS was wiped / changed / replaced "upgraded / downgraded" installed / reinstalled from Retail FPP media, Upgrade media, or OEM System Builder media