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I remember needing to reassign IRQs and DMA channels, but not being allowed. Thanks, Windows 95. I could reassign, to my heart's content, everything I could want - excepting the bit I needed to reassign.

My favorite was the occasion of up my first wireless gateway. (Spoiler alert: They ship the damned things with wireless already on.) I was not planning on making use of the wireless feature at all.

So, the sucker is hooked up, but Windows would have me believe that A Network Cable Is Unplugged, and I'm not having any of that. I can't reach the router config, so I troubleshoot TCP/IP, check cables, reset router, whatever. When a connection was present, it would become Unplugged before I could reach the router. Mind you, I'm not thinking about Wireless at all... but initial setup technically requires an Ethernet connection, so I'm further inclined to disregard any thoughts of a Wireless nature.

Eureka! A flash of insight, after disregarding the problem for some time. Move the evil cordless phone.

The router was, apparently, confused by the phone base. It was latching onto the signal and dropping the Ethernet connection (which still doesn't make sense to me). Once in the router's web interface, I found that Wireless was, in fact, on. Stupid gateway.

Now, what about all those people who never bother to secure their Wi-Fi because <i>it never crossed their minds as they don't use it</i>?