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Hard Drive Beeps and won't mountUp

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maxwell edison

I'm guessing that you're talking about the Samsung S2 HXMU025DA 250 GB Portable Hard Drive. If so, the fact that this is a premanufactured external drive is very relevant.

Is this the first time you've ever used this drive? You don't indicate whether or not you've ever successfully used this drive before. If you have used this drive before, was it connected to the computer you mentioned in your original question, or was it conected to a different computer? That information is also quite relevant.

Nonetheless, I believe one of two things might be happening.

1. The drive has failed, in which case you might get Samsung to replace it at no cost to you, but retrieving data is not covered by a warranty, while a retrieval service would be quite expensive and not guaranteed to work.

2. The drive, since it has no external power source and gets all its power through the USB connector, simply isn't getting enough power through that particular USB port to work. If this is the case, try plugging that drive into a different computer.

Some friendly advice: People around here try to be helpful. If they don't understand your problem, perhaps you should consider practicing a bit of patience and expanding on your question. For example, not once did you mention that this is a premanufactured external drive. You also owe those people an apology.