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Hard Drive Beeps and won't mountUp

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OldER Mycroft

If the hard drive is indeed beeping.

By definition, hard drives are in the business of reading to and writing from the data surface of the platters - period.

If the activity of the heads is creating an audio output that sounds like a beep (or if there IS a capability which I've never heard of that DOES make a beeping sound) - then it is safe to say this particular hard drive is displaying inordinate symptoms that, in normal circumstances, it NEVER WOULD.

So you've now got a choice:

#1 You can desist from any further direct use of this HDD then send it away for forensic recovery of the data it (hopefully) still holds.


#2 You can continue to muddle through, listening to this continuing beeping sound from a device not known for ever having previously beeped, until you reach the point of posting back on TechRepublic to inquire why your HDD has STOPPED BEEPING. At that point the definitive answer will be that you killed it by continuing to attempt access to it, despite advice to the contrary.

You should take this beeping noise as a sign of something very bad happening to the HDD every time it tries to do its job.