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Hard Drive Beeps and won't mountUp

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OldER Mycroft

Moreover, apart from not being able to SPELL it you haven't got a clue what it actually means either, you fuckwit!!

Believing the worst of human nature and motives; having a sneering disbelief in e.g. selflessness of others

If I was truly cynical you dimwitted little fart, I wouldn't have posted anything at all - certainly not anything that would've been to your benefit.

'HR / Personnel / Training' eh? - Lucky for you it was multiple choice to get that for your Job Role and didn't involve you having to spell any BIG WORDS.

Otherwise we might never have figured out what your function on planet Earth was, apart from being an ignorant little scrote, a bawbag, and a self-inflated blowhard.

You just can't get the staff these days! :^0