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Hard Drive Clone or Backup and Restore?

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Run the clone operation on the 2 disks from within a "working" system via a couple of usb adaptors, Set Acronis to ignore all errors after it reboots, (if it needs to) Choose the automatic setup and extend your partition later. Trying to run ANY operation on a system having that drive internally installed is going to be a nightmare. The bad drive is going to slow any system to a crawl. While it may do the same when hooked up via USB, in many cases it isn't as pronounced. Likewise, when attempting to do the same operation via the emergency boot disc. As for the diagnostic and recovery partitions on the drive, these are secondary and tertiary considerations. It also sounds as though you are very likely running out of time with the drive. You may be down to the last chance, if that. There is nothing guaranteeing this will work, but in my experience this procedure has produced the best results.
Good luck and please do post back your success or failures with the endeavor and your chosen procedure.
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