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Has anybody heard of/have experience with Jobspring Partners

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OldER Mycroft

You won't have to pay them a single penny - if they ask for any form of remuneration, show them the bird and walk away.

Any recruiting company worth its salt, derives all of its income from each successful placement with a company. Generally, since the recruiter is supposed to have done the initial weeding out and filtering of candidates for suitability, their remuneration is usually not payable for a pre-determined period of time. The longer the new recruit lasts in the position the more the recruiting company is likely to be paid. This period can be anywhere from a few weeks to six months, depending on the position being filled.

This has two immediate effects:

#1 the recruiter doesn't just shovel candidates into interviews regardless of job suitability.

#2 the companies can be assured that the recruiter is a bona fide supplier, willing to stand on its own merits of selection.

I'd never heard of them until you mentioned the name in your post, but they certainly come up like a rash in search engines, with instances of existence all across America:

As one of the fresh supply coming into the job market you have nothing to lose and much experience to gain - so go for it.

But if they hint at any payment required - tell them to shove it.