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Has Linux gotten more user friendly?

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I am also one of those who tried Mandrake a few years ago and gave up. Back in 1985 when I was working in IT support at Nielsen, the IT mgr tried to get me to switch to Linux but he warned me that it would take at least six months to learn all the commands and be comfortable. However he also said that it would be worth it since it is a lot more versatile and open source to where you can modify it to your liking. Since it is sooooo versatile it is also complex at the command level. If you can go in 100 different directions choosing the right direction can be confusing.

Now I have finally installed a dual boot system with Ubuntu 9.04 and find Ubuntu to be really friendly and much like Windows. There are a lot of programs available and you can do almost anything in Ubuntu that you can do in Windows. However there is a learning curve still. Things are a little different in Ubuntu applications. But, Windows is changing too. I just read an article here that you will Find Windows 7 quite a bit different than Win XP to the point where you may want to have a dual boot of the two windows versions.

I recently got introduced to Office 2007 and was lost for a while trying to do some things in Word (which is quite different that the previous Word). In old word I could do things quickly but in 2007, I had to hunt for the simple things like changing a font.

Now would be a good time to decide if you wish to switch to Ubuntu. You will have to relearn some things if you stay with Windows and you will have to learn some things if you change to Ubuntu. Or, you may wish to do what I did and run both. Remember, there is a reason why most web servers run on Red Hat Linux. I have found Ubuntu to be my system for anything I do on the internet.