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Hate programming, but interested in IT

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Jason, the IT Industry is really big and there are a lot of different Jobs and tasks. I am software development team lead and i can tell you that coding apps, its just a small part of this business.

For example, there are System Analysts that desing applications at a functional level. They translate what the final user wants/needs into Detailed Functional Designs, so the Development Team can build (code) it.

There are Networking techs, whose job is to build and maintain the networking infrastructure (generally they dont code).

Project managers, testers, QA, security analysts, etc, etc...

Computer Science degree, aims for people who want to create and investigate from the point of view of the programming "per se", applying complex maths and algorithms... So, if you dont like coding you should consider something else, like Systems Engineering.

Good luck, i hope you can find smth that suits you.