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OH Smeg

Scanning with Malware Bytes

You need to scan this system in Safe Mode so after installing and updating Malwarebytes reboot the system in Safe Mode by pressing and holding down the F8 Key when the POST Screen is present till you get the White on Black screen with the different options to start Windows in. Using the Arrow Keys navigate to Safe Mode and them press Enter to boot the computer into Safe Mode.

When Windows has opened run your AV Scanner and Malwarebytes till they either report a clean system or you are unable to remove something.

Then move onto the next scanner Do Not use both scanners at the same time. If the different scanners report a clean system great but if you are unable to remove something post back with the Name and someone here will help you further.

OH and lsass.exe is a Windows Security App which should be running particularly if you have a Password on your System.