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Have you used SATA or USB Tape Backups successfully?

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I bought 17 320 GB drives (1 yearly, 4 weekly and 12 monthly) for offsite backup (roughly 200 GB a week) and use a 750 GB and a 1 TB for onsite backups.

I have found restores to be much quicker than tape (obviously) and all backups run just fine and within reasonable time frames.

Microsoft Exchange is a tad slow but I think it's my Exchange server and not the drives.

Each 320 GB drive at the time was $59.99 and we use Symantec Backup Exec. Been doing this for several years now and not a single drive has failed yet.

BTW, I also noticed someone said heat could be an issue with externals. Not here. I use Seagate drives that spin down when not in use and don't get hot and don't suck down a lot of electric.