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Have you used SATA or USB Tape Backups successfully?

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Went with a Quantum SATA drive, DAT72.

It came with Symantec backup exec. To activate, they say go to their website, but of course the link is dead. (nice job Quantum, way to be on the ball!).

Go to the main page and able to register the drive, but nothing to activate the software. (nice job Quantum, way to be on the ball!).

Call their "support" and the fool who answered thought it was OBVIOUS that it was a different link to symantec (even though the printed instructions THEY provided say otherwise)
(nice job Quantum, way to be on the ball!).

After filling out the form and waiting for about 20 minutes, the activation code FINALLY comes in. Of course it isn't in a form that I can just copy/paste in, so I have to type it in. (I guess I can blame Symantec for this one)

Have the server running a Full backup to make sure everything is working properly, and will move all services over to the server tomorrow if everything goes well.