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Have you used SATA or USB Tape Backups successfully?

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I was following your post and I have to say that I have definitely fallen into similar situations as you have, both in private contracts and employers alike. Budgets seem to get smaller and smaller until there's a problem, and then the wallets come out.

The hard part is to push the I told you so's into a more proactive approach, as to avoid the pinching pain of the scathing critics on the projects. Over the years, I have managed to push the clients agenda only so far, until I come across a scenario where business continuity is in jeopardy, and then it is their choice.

I have always liked SATA connections over USB when in a pinch, as an external SATA card can be used, or if you have an additional slot, you can put a 10$ expansion esata port in. That way, the drive that you have connected is viewed by the OS as perpetually connected, and thus is more reliable when you use windows backup, symantec, or some third party software.

Either way, I was curious on the stability of the hardware/software combo that you used. Congrats, and good luck on future projects.