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Have you used SATA or USB Tape Backups successfully?

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OH Smeg

I have a little experience with Tape Drives.

HP which covers a wide range of Drive Makes, make a part way decent drive but they don't repair them they replace them while Under Guarantee and when they are no longer UG they expect you to buy new.

Works OK provided that you don't need backward compatibility as I've had several customers who use HP tape drives that needed data off Tapes written to by the Old Drives. Their newly replaced drives didn't read the tapes even though they where the same form factor.

These days there are a multitude of SATA Drives that are available and they all seem to work well. The Internal USB ones that I've seen use 2 USB Ports to increase Data Speed but can be a bit flaky when used with Windows but seem to work OK when used on a Nix based system.

My personal preference these days is for the Tandenberg Drives but they are sort of pricey and more high end probably too expensive for what your company wants at the moment. Of course when they loose Data and can not recover it they see them as cheap.

Sony has some decent low end Drives as well and then there are the IBM drives used in Tape Libraries which are way overpriced but very good. I love the things they just are unlikable but by the same token you pay for them to begin with.

Just go with what you can afford or have budgeted and make sure that they are bolted to a metal frame to disperse as much heat as possible. It doesn't hurt having 2 drives if they are low end drives that way you can recover off the second drive in the file cabinet when the first one fails. Great if the replacement drive that is supplied doesn't read the old tapes which is very common.

I just flog 2 drives every time that I need to and keep one as a backup so that when the Drive fails you can still have access to the Data. It's much cheaper than needing to send the Tape to a Data Recovery Specialist . I've needed to do that on more than 1 occasion and the companies see just how cheap a second drive is in comparison.

Just remember to get a Cleaning Tape and use it regularly it's very important with these drives.