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HDD not recognized after changing drive Letter

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only reserved drive letters are ones already in use

you can't change the drive letter in disk management to one that is already in use

on a system with no CD/DVD drive, card reader, or floppy drive that has windows installed on the default C:\
you can assign A:\, B:\, or any letter from D:\ - Z:\ to any other partition / drive / mass storage device
windows assigns the letters sequentially after C:\
thus you generally won't encounter a USB drive getting A:\ or B:\
but if you plug in 23 storage devices you will have used all the letters from D:\ -> Z:\,
and then when you plug in number 24 you will get a drive letter assignment of either A:\ or B:\

in this case however, I agree with Col
and I'm leaning more to either the corrupt partition table or a mechanical or electronic/electrical failure of the HDD or USB -> SATA/IDE chip(s) etc. in the enclosure
removing it from the USB enclosure and attaching the HDD directly to an internal connector or a known working USB adapter will give some idea about whether or not the electronics are fried in the enclosure or if the HDD has gone for a dump,

I've seen these things just go poof for no apparent reason

recently had an HDD go poof just by touching the case while it was writing
heard a click and then it was gone, (the read / write heads were immediately barbecued)
I know it was static because of the dusty & dry environmental conditions in that particular office, but I didn't even feel it leave my finger

a static blast up the USB cable while plugging, unplugging or just grabbing it can cook these devices.
even a small static blast that you might not even feel can cook toast it
a larger static blast can **** a whole trace line right out of a PCB

Removing a USB SD card reader, flash drive, or HDD without safe removal can toast the partition table,
however, even with safe removal you can still fry it electrically with static discharge

There's more than one way for these things to go poof.

if it's a partition table corruption
there are some tools available that can correct the partition table or attempt to read the data from the disk that appears as unformatted

but an electronic / electrical failure will require data recovery services