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HDD not recognized after changing drive Letter

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About using safely remove
So we should believe you rather than Microsoft ?
On there website MS CONTINUES to say it's not needed.
I will go with MS considering their decades of experience dealing with a vast universe of hardware.
But of course, as MS says, don't pull the cable while there is activity.

And why do you and others here keep saying the partition tables will be damaged.
First, for the vast majority of systems it's partition table (singular).
Second, for those systems it's a single 512 byte sector on the disk which is NEVER changed UNLESS you are reconfiguring the partitions on the disk.
Just because it's sector 0 is that why you think it's going to be changed/corrupted ?

About power being abruptly removed from an active hard disk
Disk drives are DESIGNED TO DEAL with the unexpected loss of power.
They immediately park the heads in the landing zone. Some use the rotating spindle to generate power to do the last activity and parking.
Think about how each day around the world hundreds of thousands of systems either abruptly lose power or are just powered off with no use of system shutdown. And for the vast vast majority nothing happens.

And about USB (AGAIN)
Here too, USB is designed for plug/unplug with the power on.
And here is a tidbit. In XP doing safely remove would drop the USB power.
Starting with Vista safely remove no longer drops the USB power.
Perhaps an evil MS plot to destroy USB devices ... nah probably not.