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HDD not recognized after changing drive Letter

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Sorry if I came across as snarky Cmd_Line_Dino. That wasn't my intention. I have a lot of respect for the people that give up their time to help out others on these forums, and I don't want to discourage you from doing so.

I did actually write another post about what I thought the issue was but it didn't save for some reason (happens to me sometimes... I think it's a problem with my laptop, it badly needs a reformat). As others have said, it is corruption; perhaps a physical fault, or perhaps from yanking the drive out without first safely removing it. Whatever the case Windows can clearly see the drive and recignizes it as being a hard drive, but it cannot make sense of the file system so offers to format it. A thorough chkdsk might fix the problem, or using a tool like TestDisk to repair the partition table might also do the trick.

I do need to point out that Safely Remove Hardware is still needed and it is dangerous advice to suggest otherwise. Sure, 99% of the time you will get away with doing it provided you wait 30 seconds after you *think* the computer has finished using it. That other 1% is the problem; that's where problems like the OP's come from. (Personally I'm lazy and yank my drives ut 90% of the time. I always safely removeh drives that have data I really care about though).

The reason you need to safely remove (even if you have optimised for quick removal turned on) is that the drive will often be accessed in the background. Anti-virus systems and poorly written shell extensions that don't close handles are the two worst offenders for this in my experience.