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HELP! How to get broadband WIRELESSLY from one building to another?

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Charles Bundy

devices. Just googled and TL-WA801ND & TL-WR300 support WDS (Wireless Distribution System) out of the box. See -

Before you do the physical install across the courtyard, sit down with the devices on a desk in front of you and make sure the WDS config is working. I usually treat it as a "Virtual Patch Cable" with one device's switch port plugged into the wall and the other device plugged into my PC NIC. Once it is bridged and passing traffic you can cope with physical distance testing.

ADDENDUM: To set up WDS usually involves turning it on from the config web page and then adding the opposite device MAC address to a WDS table. You can run the AP or router as a WAP too, but I usually dedicate the devices to being a bridge for security and performance reasons.