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Help!! Router problem!

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Some extra for you: if Charles Bundy's solution from above does not work, add this to the steps above:

1. Find the MAC address of your laptop, since that was direct-connect to router originally.
You can find the MAC address of your laptop by going to DOS command prompt, and enter ipconfig, hit [Enter]. It will be called "Physical Address:.... and look like 12-e3-f4-9a-75-0c
Make sure you get the wired adapter MAC, not the Wireless adapter MAC, Copy it down on paper.

2. Using browser, login to DIR-615 with default IP address

3. Set "My Internet Connection is" to "Dynamic IP"

4. Scroll down to the "Dynamic Connection Type " section

5. Enter the MAC (Physical) address, substitute colon ':' for the dashes between numbers
example: 12-e3-f4-9a-75-0c becomes 12:e3:f4:9a:75:0c