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Help!! Router problem!

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Deadly Ernest

The normal process is to connect the cable modem up to the router and have the router talk to the modem and the Internet, then the other computers set up behind that like any normal router or switch set up - a straight hardware connection that requires simple and basic NIC settings.

If you want to keep the cable modem connected to the main PC and set the router up behind that, then you basically set the main PC up to either bridge the Internet connect, share the Internet connection with software (varies with the OS) or set it up to act as a server / router to the other PC. In this case you need to create a software linkage across your main PC between the router and the cable modem, not simple and not recommended.

I also note you said emulator, if you have some software tunning in emulation mode you may need to set up the hardware info in both the main OS and the emulated OS - depending upon what you're using for the emulation.