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Help!! Router problem!

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Ok, I'll admit I didn't follow your "emulator" comment either. What I would suggest based on a quick read of the DLink manual: Ignore the wireless/laptop part for a moment and get the cable connection working.

First, plug your main cpu into LAN port 1 (don't connect the cable modem yet) and use your browser to open (per Section 3 this is the default router address unless you changed it; likewise the default username/password are there too). Set the connection type to DHCP (use the Internet Connection wizard) and be sure to click the "Clone ... MAC" button when it displays. You may have to reboot the router after that. Then, connect the Internet port to the cable modem and wait a moment (say, 15 seconds).

Now check your work: The DLink status page (Section 3 says to click Status->Device Info, under the WAN section) should show an IP address; if it says then something's still not right. You may need to contact TWC and/or DLink to help you double-check settings.

Once the hard-wired PC connection is working you can focus on adding the wireless laptop--from your earlier statements it may just work anyway.