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Help!! Router problem!

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It IS a technical forum but like it's been said, you didn't give enough info. What EMULATOR??? You first need to connect cable modem to outside internet. Then plug a computer (any one) into Lan port on modem, open a browser, type in the address bar, log in, and get the settings. (SSID, WEP/WPA/WPA2 code...etc) if they are on default, set your own passwords. And write them down.

After that, unplug the computer from the modem, and plug the router into the modem and a pc (same pc would be best) into router. Log in to the ROUTER this time using same address and whatever the default passwords are (usually they are user - admin and password-admin) and configure the router. You have to give the router the ssid info of the modem, and after you configure the router, you have to set up that information in your computer so your computer can connect (look it up in google depending on what operating system you have ....again, you gave NO information!)

After that, if you did it right, AND you don't have any hardware or cable issues, you should be able to connect to the internet. If you don't have enough technical information to figure this out, call a technician, it's above your comprehension level.