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Help.. to find out who sent me e-mail

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Ken Wolf

I would suggest downloading utility called sam spade that will help assist you in parsing the header. Here is a link to download from PC World:,4709-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html
Or you can do a search on Google for "sam spade software" for other links.
As best as I can tell the e-mail originated from a computer named BLU106-W18 with an internal IP address of I was able to validate the e-mail address That e-mail address does exist. The IP address the e-mail was sent from ( is part of the IP block owned by Verizon. Which might be useful to know if you want to file an abuse complaint.
Here are a couple of links for on-line header parsing utilities that might be of use:
The first one at emailtrackerpro will let you run one trace for free. I waited awhile and traced your header and it let me do it a second time, so there must be a timeout before you can run another.
Hope some of this is helpful. I would recommend getting the Sam Spade software and pasting your header into it and see what it comes up with.
Best of luck