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help with an ADSL network. Hard wired doesnt work.

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OK so we got 1 step forward now you can see the desktop as connected to the router.
Try to connect the modem to one of the LAN ports (If not connected already).
run ipconfig /release > renew and /all on the desktop and check that you get what you suppose to get.
If it is all working now (I had the same problem) then upgrade your router firmware.
Now connect the modem back to the internet port (I think you can still leave it as DHCP).
Enable DHCP back on the router.
Try to untick the "use this computer's MAC address" in basic settings menu.
Then tick "use this MAC address" and put in the laptop MAC address.
Log in to the router from the desktop.
Another thing that can go wrong is the IP address that you gave above are or should be you modem assigned IP address.
Your router default IP address is the same as your modem IP address (i.e
As far as I know your router should have a different IP address (i.e for example) try to change the router IP to something different then you modem (Dont forget to change the DHCP address range on the router DHCP as well).
Hope this helps :)