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Home AD DS/DHCP/DNS server

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ISP line in
> modem
> router (optional but recommended)
> server
> switches
> LAN clients / devices

for DHPC from the server to work correctly, the network has to be setup with all clients on the down stream side of the server

the server should have 2 NIC jacks

one will be used for the WAN
the other will be used for the LAN

otherwise with your current configuration everything is trying to communicate directly to the modem instead of passing through the server

with everything directly connected to the modem when the server handles DHCP
it's not going to function correctly because it can't forward the traffic back into the same LAN trying to reach the WAN

also when a modem is setup in modem mode, which disables the router portion of the modem
only one client can be connected at any given time which is why automatic settings work