Hopelessly Lost Netbook Drivers

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Hopelessly Lost Netbook Drivers

I slipstreamed SP3 into a reinstall of XP Home on an older Acer KAV60 netbook. I saved the recovery partition (which is now unusable) for the drivers, etc. I can access the formerly hidden partition... but I can't find any drivers there (!!)

The Acer website does not list this old model, and there are hundreds of other alternatives - too many to try and fail.

The DM does not even recognize the make or model of the missing ethernet, wifi, sound, or video drivers. (I'm using a usb wifi adapter now)

Even DriverGuide can't find the makes of these missing drivers. (I even paid them...duh)

The MS Fix It site won't fix it on this netbook.

I'm desperate and don't know what to do to get the netbook back up and running.

Any ideas??