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How can I control a PC from an Android tablet please?

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Such that my opinion is that relying on a WiFi connection to avoid something quite fatal like an impact with a cargo ship....well that would make me nervous. I assume this app is not actually used for steering and so forth?

On the PC, load up ThinVNC, this is a remote-control application that uses HTML5, so you can use the browser on any device to remote control your PC.

There is also an Android-VNC-Viewer, which would allow you to remote-control a PC running a VNC application such as UltraVNC. UltraVNC has been around a very long time and it's a very stable product. I use it to control/view my home CCTV cameras over my iPhone (with viewer app called MohcaVNC for iPhone).

The only tricky part, is if you need audio between the two devices, that would not work with VNC.

I would doubt that BlueTooth would have sufficient range, and most applications require the use of TCP/IP networking which the vast majority of BlueTooth devices do not support...thus you really need to use WiFi.