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How can I control a PC from an Android tablet please?

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dcolbert Contributor

Enable remote administration on XP if you haven't already - then connect via an Android RDP client (there are several available in the Android Market).

Obviously your Android tablet is unlikely to support a Cat-5 wired connection, so WiFi is going to have to be it - but it doesn't sound like this is real-time critical if right now you're walking up and down stairs to check out the updates. I doubt you'll be subject to a lot of war-driving attacks on your WiFi AP either - so being hacked doesn't seem like a major concern. WiFi should be fine - maybe do a site assessment to figure out what channel has the least noise and interference from other nautical radio sources.

PocketCloud and the 2X Client are the two RDP clients I use. The 2X Client has the advantage in my experience. Either way, I'd test it out first before you try it out on the water - the bigger concerns I would have is with remote access to a desktop OS from a mobile OS thin-client. It has limitations because you're accessing a full PC with mouse and keyboard designed interface from something where you're supposed to get around with your fingers.