how can i fix this blue screen of dead please help

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how can i fix this blue screen of dead please help

ok, so i got this BSOD for like half a year, the way that i can get pass throgh it, is to push the start button on the computer for like 15 seconds so it will start up and then get into sleep mode, and then i need to do it like 5-6 times for the computer to get pass throgh it,
i have alot of very importent stuff on my computer and im afraid of losing them

here i upload a picture of the computer screen

how can i fix this problem?, im really afraid for my stuff on the pc.

p.s sorry for the bad english..

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    Fist of all, make a full backup of your data so you don't lose anything.

    It could be hardware or software.

    Assuming the computer operated properly at one time, the first thing to look at was what software or updates were applied just prior to when the problem started. Sometimes a driver update, a virus infection, or a new software package will cause issues.

    Assuming that system restore is enabled, do a system restore back to a point in time when everything worked normally.

    The first thing to look at is your event log, and see if there are errors or events that happen just prior to the BSOD.

    Hardware issues can be tricky to spot, as a faulty drive, memory, video card or even motherboard can cause stability issues. Here the only surefire test is to get a spare hard drive and load up XP on it...if it runs perfectly, then it's more likely a software issue.

    Or, overall, the best quick fix is to just reload Windows and start over.

    Personally I've seen a failing motherboard cause BSODs as well as failing hard drive. The most likely culprit is a faulty software driver for a video card, network adapter, or some other core service.

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    stop 7e 7e if you are looking for similar examples
    Microsoft sez: (XP)

    You may just want to go with robo_dev's advice.