How can I get a VB application to see my .NET component?

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How can I get a VB application to see my .NET component?

I have developed a .NET component in C# and made it visible to COM. I have then developed a simple VB application that uses this .NET component on the same development machine which works fine without any problems.

However, when I then copy the .NET DLL & TLB, together with the VB app to a client machine I can't then get the VB app to work. I receive the following error: "Runtime error 430 - Class does not support automation or does not support expected interface". Both development and target client machine have v2.0 of the .NET framework on them, but only the development machine has Visual Studio.NET installed.

These are the steps I have taken on the client machine:

1). Copied the .NET DLL & TLB to the client machine and installed the DLL to the GAC using "gacutil".

2). Registered the .NET DLL using "regasm" and registered the TLB using "regsvr32".

3). Copied the VB app to the client machine & attempted to run it.

Please can someone let me know where I am going wrong as I am at my wits end with this! Many thanks.