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How can I get BIOS to detect HDD?

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Yeah I pulled the batteries in both for a couple hours each and have reset to factory defaults too many times.

I didn't know that a faulty hdd could do damage to the mobo although the cd/dvd drives are still working so im not sure thats the problem. On the other hand I have no idea what the problem is. I was just hoping maybe I had forgotten a simple troubleshooting step.

I guess I will just have to buy them a new computer. Wish I would have just stayed quiet when they asked me to fix it. I will burn or somehow destroy the faulty hdd so it cannot ruin any other computers with its vodoo magic (the only reasonable answer to why it is doing this to me).

Thanks for all your help, it at least brings back some confidence in my pc repair skills knowing I didn't spend the last few days just forgetting to do something stupid.