How Can I Recover Windows Hard Drive Data?

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How Can I Recover Windows Hard Drive Data?

In my laptop, i was stored some important official work stored, but due to any kind of reason, i can't open my files which is crucial for me! So plz help me...

how can i recover Windows hard drive data? Please provide me appropriate suggestion...... ??


If I could just Quickly Recover my Sanity As far as we know the OP drive is toast with bearings glued into a molten blob, thus sir-spam-a-lot, your software may not be of much use. Also, it would seem likely that perhaps the original question was posted by you so you could reply to it under a different username and promote your software.

"Any kind of reason" doesn't describe your problem adequately enough to provide you with valid advice (as you might note, almost everyone jumped in with their pet hypothesis and their favoured solution). There are dozens of problems your description can encompass, and each of them has a different solution - which is typically useless for anything else.
Let's try narrowing down the problem first and looking for possible solutions second.

First. Does your laptop power on?
Second. If it powers on, does it boot into Windows?
Third. If it boots into Windows, can you log in?

Then, if you can log in:
1. What files are you trying to access? (by which I mean what sort of data they are supposed to contain, not what actually is inside) If you can access the folder the files are stored in, what do you get when you right-click one of them and choose "properties"?
2. How are you trying to access them?
3. What actually HAPPENS when you try accessing your files? What were you EXPECTING to happen?
If you encounter any error messages, post them here. And please be precise in your answers.